WHAT THEY ARE: If you don’t know what a mood board is, you are not alone. Tons of people are constantly creating them, yet don’t even realize it. Mood boards are constantly being used in the fashion world. The creative teams for big brands and companies give these boards to the designers to create their newest pieces of the season. They use the boards to make sure their pieces are on trend and connect with the buyer.

WHY I LOVE THEM: As many of you know, I am a huge Pinterest gal. I am constantly using Pinterest to find inspiration for new outfits and blog posts. Using Pinterest is a way of creating a mood board. You are putting pins into categories based on what catches your eye and what you want to save for later. For me, mood boards are a way to spark some daily inspiration.

When I was little I was always making collages. I googled pictures, put them into a word document, printed it out, and slapped it on my school binders. I have been doing this before I even knew it was a legit thing. Now, I have upgraded to printing out pictures to put on the bulletin board in my room, but the main idea remains the same.

I try to change the pictures every season, if not twice a season. This allows my creativity to flow and keep my inspiration fresh. I mostly find pictures on Pinterest to print out and put up on my board to look at everyday. I usually look for quotes, outfits, celebrities and honestly anything pretty that catches my eye.

HOW TO DO IT YOURSELF: I typically assemble the pictures onto a word document, and print them out on card stock (so the paper is less likely to curl when the ink dries). Having a paper-cutter makes this process a lot easier and neater. I usually assemble the pictures on my bulletin board, making sure everything is balanced (not too many similar pictures in one area). After I am set on the alignment, I grab some tape and put those suckers in place.

These boards are a great source for inspiration, but also a great way to be constantly changing the look of your room, or the “mood” if you will.

SHOES (similar)







OUTFIT: I tried to link as much as I could, but it was a tad difficult!! My shirt is a men’s Urban Outfitters clearance shirt I bought from their outlet and I LOVE wearing this oversized with jeans or just leggings. My shoes are Vans that I bought from Nordstrom Rack a few years back, but the ones linked are VERY similar. My Brandy Melville jeans are one of their most popular pairs they make and I am always in them. My MVMT watch is super old and they no longer sell the style, but they have plenty of other beautiful watches on their site!! Lastly, all of my rings are either from Pandora or ALEX AND ANI! Just wearing some simple summer makeup in this as well (a post coming soon)!











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