Following my resolutions for this year, I am sharing some of my best money saving tips with you! Those who are close to me know I rarely spend full price on anything. Honestly, there is no point. With all the rewards program, coupons, and sales, who has time to pay full price??

EBATES: Ebates is an online rebate company, hence their name. You make an account, search the store you plan on online shopping from, and enter the website through Ebates. If you install their cash back button it shows up in your browser and a button will pop up when you open up shopping sites. Even when the rebate is only 1%, it all adds up. I have about $25 in my account right now that will grow until February when they send me my money through PayPal!

HONEY: Similar to Ebates, Honey is a coupon code application that you can add to your browser. Once you are at checkout, you click the Honey button and it tests all of the coupon codes available and provides you with the best deal. This saves me when I don’t want to go searching through my email for coupons or for when I don’t want to pay for shipping…which is always.

THREDUP: ThredUp is one of my newest obsessions. A couple of my favorite YouTubers, Aspyn Ovard and Ingrid Nelson, introduced this company to me. ThredUp is a secondhand, online consignment store. As much as I love thrift shopping it’s tedious, smelly, and a waste of time for only finding a couple of pieces after spending a ton of time looking. What I love about ThredUp is that they carry brands that I normally wear like Zara and Free People. Everything that I order from ThredUp is in excellent condition and looks practically new. It isn’t smelly or gross, just clothes looking for a fresh start. I am all about recycling clothes, it’s good for the environment and your wallet. I actually was able to collaborate with thredUP for this post! Be sure to use the code TINAMARIE at checkout to receive 50% off your first-time orders up to $50. The code lasts until the end of March 2018 so get thrifting!

BUYING OFF SEASON: Buying items in the off season is the best way to save a little bit of cash. I don’t necessarily buy trend pieces, but definitely staples like jean shorts in the winter and flannels & jeans in the summer. If you search the sale racks in the winter you can find jean shorts for less than $20. I was just at Zara and bought a striped, button down, linen dress which will be perfect for the summer. My mom and I also bought the cutest pair of colorful espadrilles at DSW in the Fall which I can’t wait to bring out come the Spring/Summer months.

REWARDS PROGRAMS: Rewards programs have become my favorite shopping hacks. I was always confused when people refused to sign up for them. My favorite rewards program is PacSun’s. You earn points just from opening their emails. Yep, you read that right. I have received $5 rewards from them strictly by just going through and opening all of my PacSun emails.











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