My New Year’s Resolutions & My Secret to Keeping Them!

IMG_3571_Facetune_06-12-2017-17-39-34New year, new me…right? Not necessarily. You don’t have to completely change yourself to have a better year than the last. Making small, attainable & reasonable changes to your life are the best ways to stick to your new resolutions for the year. Here are a few of mine for this next year:

  1. Investing in my health. We always see these crazy fit people on social media showing their beautiful bodies that they have worked hard on. You take one look in the mirror at yourself, laugh, and grab a bag of chips while you binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Comparing yourself to gym rats on Instagram is not going to motivate you to get yourself to the gym. Making a schedule of going to the gym, planning healthier meals for the week, and drinking more water are some easy changes that can get you into having better habits. Taking small steps such as these will create a chain reaction. Once you conquer your small goals, you can grow and create more attainable goals for yourself.
  2. Unplugging from electronics. Seeing that one of my past jobs and current hobby has to do with social media this may seem confusing to some, but it shouldn’t be. I’m not talking ending social media use completely because in this day in age, it’s nearly impossible. I’m talking about when you check Instagram, scroll through, like a few pictures, exit out and few seconds later you subconsciously open the app again only to realize you just closed out of it. It’s honestly scary how often this happens. Make yourself busy in the best possible (and productive) ways: read a book, organize your closet, do your laundry, call your grandma.
  3. Saving $$$. Every year this is on my list, and to no one’s surprise, it’s always the hardest. I am a fashion major, how do you expect me to stay away from the mall?? It’s making simple decisions for me like drinking the coffee at my sorority house instead of heading across the street to the library for a $5 Starbucks coffee. Impulse buys are the WORST. Don’t just buy things because youhave the money (often a victim of this, oops).
  4. Journaling. If you haven’t heard, the 5 minute journal is all of the rage among my generation’s hipsters. The journal runs for about $25, but sticking to my resolution above, I made my own in a notebook (really no need to buy the legit one). Basically you start each day by answering 2 simple questions. What are you grateful for? & What would make today great? These two questions help you start your day with a positive mind and set a goal for yourself to give purpose to your day. You end your night with answering 2 more questions. What made today great? & How could I have made today better? Helping to reflect on your day and improve tomorrow, these last 2 questions help you sleep a little better at night. Overall, these 4 questions a day are proven to make you happier (sign me up!!).

We will see how well I do keeping my resolutions, but I have a really good feeling this year will be just fabulous! Leave me a comment below telling me some of your New Year’s resolutions!



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