My favorite ways to dress up for a game day!

Finding cute game day outfits always seem to be a struggle. Especially when the stereotypical “women’s” athletic wear is either pink, glittery, or “slim fit”. Now that college game days are back and in full swing, I am constantly scrambling to find the perfect outfit. Something casual, yet cute, and also comfortable. Luckily, I found the perfect solution to my game day outfit dilemmas!

Attending a southern school, I was quickly forced into wearing Kentucky blue dresses and cowboy boots. Walking out of my dorm for every “Caturday” I felt weird and definitely not myself. This year I promised myself to be comfortable in what I was wearing and to rep my school in the most authentic way possible. When Megan from FanGirlbyMegan reached out to me, I knew my promise to myself would finally become a reality.



When I received my lace-up custom T-shirts in the mail I was ecstatic.  Fan Girl by Megan sells her custom, and not to mention very cute, tees on Etsy. Megan can make customs tees for any school or team (she rocks). She also promotes her brand through Instagram, @fangirlbymegan (be sure to follow!). Megan and I share the same hatred for those pink sports jerseys, yuck. Coming from a sports obsessed dad, I was always decked out head to toe in Chicago Cubs apparel. The poor guy has no sons so I do cut him a little slack. I love the oversized tees from Megan for game days because they can be dressed up to looked very casual and cute. By adding a pair of jeans and trendy sneakers, you will look like you are at the game for more than just an Instagram.IMG_2604IMG_2569IMG_2642IMG_2645IMG_2596

A huge shout out to Megan for sending me my awesome t-shirts! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop here, and follow her on Instagram @fangirlbymegan.



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